Guide to Bitcoins Buying

It’s fairly easy to learn where and how to buy bitcoins because there are so many payment methods and options. This bitcoin guide will teach you where and how to buy bitcoins, so keep reading!

If someone told you that it is possible for an average Joe to become rich off trading securities and shares, you might have agreed with them. You might have even heard a name or two who became a stock market magnate in the course of few years.

What if we tell you that you can make even more money on bitcoins and you don’t need to have all fancy BBA diplomas? Sounds too good to be true? This is the place where you will get the know-how on bitcoin purchasing and trade from, with details tutorials, steps, what to do and what definitely NOT to do when buying bitcoins.

Where and how to buy bitcoins

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Easiest Ways to Buy Bitcoins

What is the easiest way to get BTC? There are many ways to get your hands on BTC quickly and easily though be aware that each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some offer more some less privacy, while others take long to finish but others are almost instantaneous.

The easiest ways of buying bitcoins are through ATM purchases, credit/debit card trades using Coinbase, and cash. There are many web platforms for you to choose from, many of which have been in business for some time and that have designed quick and painless purchase system for you to take advantage of.

Ways to buy bitcoins

A Little Intro

Who are we? Bitcoin professionals bent on bringing you the fresh information pool about bitcoin trade and how to make a profit from it. Apart from advice, we also provide tools of the trade that could make you get wealth through BTC purchasing and selling.

The information that you can find in our blogs is concerned with purchase/selling methods and their pros and cons. We also give insight on various bitcoin traders that are currently active, as well as the step-by-step guides on how to trade with bitcoin with them without wasting your time and money.

How Popular Is Bitcoin?

How long have BTC been around? Not as securities to be sure, but it is a rising star in the eyes of the investors all around the world. Since 2009, the cryptocurrency gained ground in many regions of the world, growing in value and traders, China being the leader in bitcoin trade and mining (there are over 70% of global miners there).

China is the leader in bitcoin trade and mining

So, what makes bitcoin grow in popularity? It rises and falls in price frequently, it is not controlled by anyone but by the market trends, unlike currencies. It is online-based only and exists only on the internet and it is the very first cryptocurrency. Right now, you could purchase products and services with bitcoins as with any other “real world” currency and the number of businesses accepting bitcoins as a payment method is rising each day.

Bitcoins Value

What makes bitcoins values go up and down over time? Many factors, though keep in mind that bitcoin is not like other currencies – it does not have an official exchange rate that changes from day to day, but rather is expressed in average.

Bitcoin price chart with historic events

On many websites, there are many traders that price bitcoins differently, thus you have several thousand values and traders to buy BTC from. The BTC value does vary greatly between these traders, which is why it could be a perfect asset to trade with! Think about this: flashback to when BTC started in 2009, the value was around $1 and now growing in value permanently.

The Best BTC Exchange

What is the best BTC Exchange? As mentioned before, there are many bitcoin traders out there, exchange platforms and businesses that you can get bitcoins from. There isn’t exactly the best exchange, but certainly, there could be the most suitable one for you, depending on where you live and how you wish to trade bitcoins.

Exchange Countries Deposit Method Quick Take / Beginner-Friendly
Coinbase USA, Canada, Australia, UK, EU, Singapore Credit Card, Bank Account The best way to buy bitcoin online in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK & Europe. Liquid, low-fee US-based bitcoin exchange in multiple currencies.
Coinmama Worldwide including USA (22 states) Credit Card, Cash Allows to purchase bitcoins with credit card to nearly anyone in the world. Available only in 22 US states.
Changelly Worldwide including USA Credit Card Instant cryptocurrency and BTC exchange with user friendly interface that provides low fees. Worldwide including USA, UK, EU, Russia Credit Card, Bank Account, Crypto Well-funded reputable bitcoin exchange. Great option worth checking out.
LocalBitcoins Worldwide including USA Cash, Bank Account, PayPal, Gift Cards The most private way to buy bitcoins through a P2P exchange. Cash, PayPal, gift cards and more. Operates everywhere!
VirWox USA, Canada, UK, EU Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers) Buy bitcoins with Paypal: one of the main ways people buy BTC with PayPal. They charge a little commission fee.

Here are some that this blog shall cover in some detail: LocalBitcoins, Coinbase, BitPanda, BitQuick, LibertyX, Luno, QuadrigaCX and others.

Buying BTC Privately

How to put money on bitcoin? You can definitely purchase bitcoins without giving out your personal information to anyone. Take caution though – some of the exchangers do view your privacy important but also they make you pay a little bit more for that sort of luxury.

Translation bitcoins from сash bank deposit

The most used method of BTC anonymous purchase is through either ATM machine transactions or peer to peer reading. The ATM would not ask you for any sort of personal information and the only details they take are your card numbers but are pricey compared to other BTC trading methods. Peer-to-peer, on the other hand, buying bitcoins anonymously depends on the trader, which makes it important to find a reliable partner who wouldn’t mind you leave out your personal information during the trade.

Bitcoin Fees

Every exchange has its own fee policies, depending on the payment method, your location and bitcoin amount. The fees can vary from 1% to 2% if purchasing is done through peer-to-peer platforms, 3% to 4% if you are getting BTC directly from exchanges through credit/debit cards and 6% to 10% if you are buying BTC from ATM machines or for cash at some exchanges.

Bitcoin fees

Many factors should be taken into consideration when you are reviewing fees across exchanges, like privacy they provide, the speed of service, reliability, security and liquidity of BTC held for trade.

Why Is Bitcoin Transaction Taking So Long?

How to change perfect money into perfect BTC short? If you are using peer-to-peer (P2P), the trader might take his time to verify your payment for a bit longer than usual due to the security reasons. The same goes with exchanges that offer bitcoins for sale with them directly. Some would withhold the bitcoin trade until payment has been received, which could take up to 5 days if done through bank transfer.

Where to buy bitcoins? Some exchanges have a policy of sending the bitcoins a whole business day after the transaction is done and verified also due to the either security or investment reasons. Whatever exchange you wish to trade with, always check their FAQ sections and locate transaction lengths, to be sure it is something you can accept.

Problems with BTC: Avoid Scam Sites

What is the most secure way to trade? Unfortunately, as with every asset that rises in popularity throughout the years, there will always be people who would wish to profit from it by conducting illegal practices. The scam sites are one of those methods and are a very popular tool of fraud since they can be easily disguised as true exchange website, making truly large issues for the rest of the BTC community.

BTC community

Check the BTC community for updates, visit forums and always be alert. There are many established players in the market, so if you think it is too much of a risk, leave it! There are numerous other traders who are reliable and secure.

BTC Payment: How to Get Bitcoins?

How can I get bitcoins, you might ask? There are several methods that you can use to obtain BTC with, them being

  • cash;
  • credit/debit card;
  • PayPal;
  • bank transfer;
  • ATM;
  • physical P2P or store exchange.

There are a lot more traders and exchanges that are willing to trade with at least one with many of them would accept almost all methods though at different terms. Each of these methods has their advantages and disadvantages, which shall be discussed separately in our blog guide.

Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin wallets are one of the essential tools you need to have in order to be able to trade bitcoins the first place. Without them, you won’t be able to stash your purchased BTC nor sell them further to other investors.

Blockchain wallet

There are three main types of wallets that you can consider, them being:

  • Coinbase or online wallets (easy to get, hard to secure);
  • computer wallets (also easy to get but with bigger dose of safety);
  • KeepKey or Trezor hardware wallets (very secure but a little bit pricey depending on the model).

Fastest Ways to Buy BTC

Some might say that there is no difference between the easy and fast way in buying bitcoins, that they are one and the same. We argue otherwise, as you can easily purchase bitcoins with Bank Transfer for example but the transaction would last between three to five days.

Methods that offer more speed than other are through bank card and ATM machines. Both have transaction process of less than an hour from registration to you happily looking at bitcoins in your wallet.

Where to Buy Bitcoin?

There are many places, on the internet as well physically, where you can go and buy bitcoins for yourself. The exchanged have had time from 2009 no perfect out their purchase processes for you. As said before, these exchanges could be found virally (website markets, P2P platforms, and exchange offices) where an abundance of purchase methods are offered, and out of you home (ATM machines and bitcoin stores).

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

One of the fastest methods to purchase bitcoins, credit/debit card purchases could be done through Master, Visa, Maestro and virtual cards (check out Wirex).

Buy bitcoins with credit card


Very similar to MasterCard and Maestro, with same purchase processes and even fees, but the main advantage that Visa has over others is the 24/7 protection you get Visa Signature 3D security verification called “Verified by Visa”. The program offers secured way of your identification and card usage, preventing identity theft to do damage to your bank account.

Add to that transaction security, and you have a reason why Visa is so popular method of purchase all over the internet shopping markets.


MasterCard has a similar security system as Visa but it is based upon the tier of your MasterCard. There are various MasterCard issuers and each single one of them offers different sets of benefits to your MasterCard, giving you quite a choice to choose from.

Buying bitcoins with MasterCard

The most popular security though is the price fixation. If you purchased a bitcoin in the morning for one price, should the exchange broker offer the same product for a bigger price for others, you would still get the old price due to the limitation MasterCard issuers put on exchangers.


As Visa and MasterCards could be used in a store and on the internet, Maestro prepaid card offers low rates and very low fees with high security for purchases done physically only. With this card, you can purchase bitcoins either through ATM machines or from bitcoin stores (through their terminal) that are located near you.

Bitcoin VCC

Virtual credit card stands for one simple but powerful purpose when trading BTCs. It is your credit card firewall sort to speak, as it does not have a bank account behind it, exists purely on the internet and could be used once in its lifetime. It is a nice way to test various traders for small amount purchases to be sure they won’t cheat you in the process.

Instant virtual credit cards

Do take care not to carry out large transactions or have bigger sums of money on them, as they are a lot less secure from hacking schemes than other credit cards mentioned in this blog.

Purchase Bitcoins with Debit Card

As with credit card, many of the same manufacturers of cards also offer the debit cards in their portfolio. The four largest bank card issuers American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa, offer two of them credit/debit cards sometimes even simultaneously. The debit cards can be acquired by the bank upon your request and are directly connected with the cash you have in the bank account.

The principle with debit card is that what you have in the account is what you can pay for, though some cards do offer accepted minus balances, so talk with your bank representatives for the perks of each debit card available for you.

Bitcoin with PayPal

How to convert bitcoin to PayPal? PayPal purchase method is possible though complex. The PayPal has a policy on not trading directly with bitcoins specifically at the moment, but there is a way to bypass the obstacle by trading with another cryptocurrency that is part of the PayPal accepted tradable assets.

The website where WebMoney transactions are possible is through VirWox who could be viewed as a little bit confusing to trade BTC with. Rest assured, for we will guide you step by step through the process on how to purchase bitcoins with PayPal.

Step 1: Register your account in VirVox and ignore the message “your avatar connection has not been validated yet.” Click “Deposit” on the sidebar once you have successfully registered.

Account registration button at WirWox

Button "Deposit" in WirWox account

Step 2: Now choose the PayPal method of depositing your money into the website from the provided list.

Choosing a PayPal payment method

Step 3: Once the deposit is finished, convert your USD or EUR wallet amount into Linden’s “Second Life” currency (SLL) by clicking on the button in the sidebar called “USD/SLL” or by clicking “place a sell order” at the top of the page. Once new page opened, put the amount of value you wish to purchase (make sure you calculate exact amount SLL needed for bitcoins) and click next.

Exchange currency to SLL

Step 4: Now confirm your order if everything is according to what you planned and proceed to next page when you need to put a number of bitcoins you wish to purchase through SLL you’ve just got, by clicking on “BTC/SLL” in a sidebar. Then press “Next” after you input the amount of BTC you wish to purchase.

Confirmation of an order

Convert SLL to BTC

Enter the sum of BTC and click "Next"

Step 5: After you confirm the exchange of BTC and SLL, click on “Withdraw” button in the sidebar and wait for 48 hours to receive your bitcoins in your wallet!

Withdrawing bitcoins

Buy Bitcoin Instantly with Bank Account

The purchase through bank account is available in numerous exchange websites and P2P platforms such as PM exchange LocalBitcoins, Coinbase, BitPanda, and many others. The Bank account is very easy to understand – you find the trader/exchanger that accepts the bank account transfer, fill put the details regarding your bank account and send money to the recipient.

Purchase bitcoins with a bank account

You can also go to the bank, ask for a receipt and send it to the trader as a proof of transaction as well. What you need to be aware of is that through this method, you will need to wait up to five days until the payment was processed by the bank.

How to Buy BTC with Cash?

Buying bitcoins with cash is a great way to keep privacy when trading with bitcoins. There are three ways to purchase bitcoins with cash:

  • ATM machines;
  • P2P transactions;
  • in-person purchasing at bitcoin stores near your location.

The ATM machines pose the quickest way to get BTC through cash, though they come with a high fee (6% to 10%). P2P are considered to be the most profitable way of buying and selling bitcoins though take care of scams! In-person is also instantaneous though also come with high fees (between 6% and 12%) and with a lack of stores to choose from depending on where you live.

Bitcoin ATMs Location

In the past years, the number of ATM machine locations has been steadily growing. Now, over 600 stores around the world exist who trade bitcoins for cash and bank card purchases. Head over the website called Coin ATM Radar and find the nearest ATM location to you.

Bitcoin ATMs location

Through this website, when you click on a specific ATM location, you can get a lot of useful information before you even set foot from your home, details like bitcoin price, working hours, fees and accepted payment methods.

Other Ways to Order Bitcoins

We mentioned many ways on buying bitcoins, from cash to PayPal and credit/debit cards, but you should be aware that there are many other ways to purchase BTC should you wish to try them out.

  1. You could accept bitcoins as a mean of payment for your business and support the bitcoin community if you have a business that accepts online payments.
  2. You could complete tasks or do work for some other websites in exchange for bitcoins though be careful not be scammed!
  3. You can mine your own BTC! Farm your own bitcoins and sell them for profit. There is a downside to this method, as the equipment for BTC mining is very expensive (starting from $8,000 minimum).

Mining own BTC

More Bitcoins Info

Can Anyone Buy Bitcoins?

Anyone can! From individuals to business owners and organizations, bitcoin is available to everyone. The average Joe now has an opportunity to make his investment funds work by purchasing and selling bitcoins. Even if you are not interested in BTC in terms of making a profit, you could still use BTC to purchase other goods and services at online retailers who accept the BTC as a payment method.

Best Time to Buy Bitcoins

When to buy bitcoins? We want to distinguish two things first – the best time is concerned with the period when your bitcoin transactions should be held, NOT at what time of the day or year. bitcoin is a highly fluctuating currency, changing on the hour basis and is not controlled by anyone, so no best place either. There is no period of the year where the bitcoin is at its lowest or at its highest apart from the fact that over time it definitely grows.

Fluctuations in the cost of bitcoin

Thus, the best time to buy bitcoins would be when you hit the low rate of the bitcoin for the day and then sell it when it gets higher than that immediately. The impact on the value are the traders themselves, as they put different BTC prices all over the internet, so you have an opportunity to make profits each business day!

Buy a Fraction of a BTC

Can you buy a fraction of bitcoin? The bitcoin can go as small as 0.000000001 BTC, worth couple of USD/EUR, making it quite possible to invest in no matter how big or small your investment capital is.

Every BTC is divided into 1 million units called a ‘satoshi’ (smallest bitcoin unit) and these could be purchased at any exchange websites, P2P platform, stores, and ATMs. Other fractions are mBTC (0.001 bitcoins) and uBTC (0.0000001 bitcoin).

Should I Buy or Mine Bitcoins?

If you are considering a question on whether to mine or buy bitcoins, here are some tips to help you reach a decision.

First, look at your capital. Investments in BTC through purchases and sales do not need to be huge in their nature and can go as little as $25 (sometimes even less) to start. Mining, on the other hand, does require you large investment funds to start the business of around $10,000 currently but you would mine a stack of 25 bitcoins at the same time.

Bitcoin mining farm

How long does it take to mine a bitcoin? Quite a lot if you don’t have the right equipment for it! You cannot get half or bits and pieces of equipment and make them work together coherently. Additionally, it matters how much you know about the bitcoins. Mining would require you to educate yourself on the process first while purchasing bitcoins is easy and quick to get through. We would advise you to start with most recommended method: buy bitcoins to get the feel of the market, follow trends and build some sort of small capital at the beginning. Once you have the know-how, you can consider mining in a new light.

Do You Need an Account?

Get a bitcoin account! Yes, you do need an account to get bitcoins and save them. The wallet address would allow you to stock your bitcoins safely and ensure a place where you can sell them from once you decide it is time to get rid of them.

Bitcoin account blockchain personal info

As for the accounts in websites, most are requiring you to create an Account within their pages, but they vary in verification process and information they would ask from you. The only purchase method that does not require you to have an account is in-person cash out purchases through ATM and in-store.

How Long Does a Bitcoin Transaction Take?

Depends on the method! Bank transfer can last up to 5 business days from the moment of initiation, credit/debit card purchase would be instantaneous as you register yourself and provide your card information to the exchange broker, ATM and in-store purchases would be even quicker than Bank cards and P2P can vary from an hour to a day depending on how much time traders need to transfer BTC around.

Can I Sell My Bitcoins?

You do need to sell them somewhere if you are planning to make a profit out of them! Since you can buy them, you can also sell them back. There are exchange brokers who are interested in selling and purchasing activities that you can find to suit your needs, but the most used method would be through P2P platforms where you find fellow traders and negotiate deals that suit your wishes and requirements.

Selling bitcoins

Taxes on Bitcoin

Do you have to pay taxes if you purchase or sell bitcoins? If you are from the USA, then answer is yes, you will have to under the specified circumstances listed by the US governmental tax authorities. The United States Government has proclaimed that bitcoin should not be regarded as a currency trade but as an asset trade due to the un-centralized and free-reigned trade rates all over the world. The following are circumstances from which you are expected to pay your taxes from:

  • selling bitcoins, mined personally, to a third party;
  • using bitcoins, which one may have mined, to buy goods or services;
  • selling bitcoins, bought from someone to a third party;
  • using bitcoins, bought from someone, to buy goods or services.

Should You Buy Physical Bitcoin?

If you want a nice token to show your friends or to have as a souvenir or gift, then you can freely do so without any regrets. But, if you are thinking it as a payment method, you could be disappointed. There have been many tries in pushing the bitcoin into “real world”, though many ended unsuccessfully. Some that did stay at the market are hard to find and even harder to trade as the infrastructure of the physical BTC is much undeveloped at the moment.

Physical bitcoin coin

We would suggest you wait until some breakthroughs were introduced as you risk a lot otherwise.

Why Do People Buy Bitcoins?

Many people view bitcoins as something insecure to work with, so you might wonder why do people buy BTC. There are two main reasons on why people purchase bitcoins, with first being the profit. Buy cheap and selling expensive to make money and repeat over to get even bigger profit. Another is to have another mean on buying things on the internet, as many online shopping places offer great discounts if you pay them with bitcoins.

Why People in China Buy So Much BTC?

One of the reasons on why bitcoin is popular in China so much is that it is not controlled by the Chinese Government and is thus offering a great way of making money online. Is bitcoin legal in China? The bitcoin trade has not been prohibited in China as of yet and many experts expect the situation to remain unchanged in the future as well.

Also, bitcoin is available to be purchased anonymously by the traders from all around the world, making a large market like Chinese being the prime target for the bitcoin exchanges and traders. Lastly, mining operations could be started a little bit cheaper in China, with electricity being one of the cheapest in the world (there have been numerous reports on how 70% of the BTC mining operations are based in China).

Buying Stock in Bitcoins

Can you buy stock in bitcoin? Yes, but do take into account that providers who offer such transactions are rare and not trusted. Check out the secured ones, like 1Broker who lets you trade in commodities, Forex, US stocks and cryptocurrencies by using bitcoin.

Purchase stocks with bitcoins on 1Broker

Does bitcoin have a stock or is bitcoin a stock? Neither, it is cryptocurrency, not an asset but it does have fractions that add up to one single unit of bitcoins as discussed in previous sections.

Bitcoins Safety and Legality

The first question, understandably, that everyone is asking is: Are bitcoins safe? Depends on the method of payment and on the broker/trader. There are a lot of websites out there that have been established players for some years now and would be a good idea to start there. If you prefer the P2P, then make sure you purchase from the trader with positive history as to avoid scams and frauds since it can be hard sometimes to distinguish real or fake trades.

Check the positive history of the trader

The second question would be: Is it legal? In bitcoin countries, BTC is a legal asset, for which you might even have to pay taxes for. In some others, like Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, and Bangladesh, it is considered as a sort of money-laundry act and is punishable by law to trade with BTC in these countries.

Can I Get BTC Anonymous?

Are bitcoins anonymous and can you buy them without verification? Of course, you can, we have already mentioned several methods on how to do so. The first is ATM machine, where your credit card information is taken only for purchase. The second is in P2P platforms should you find traders who allow the anonymous purchase of their coins. Some exchange brokers would also allow you your privacy and no ID verification is needed to trade with them.

Using Multiple Exchanges

After some time, you get used to certain exchanges and traders to do bitcoin trade with. It would be a good idea to broaden your scope and include trading in several exchanges after you get comfortable with bitcoin transactions. That way, you get more access to the bitcoin markets and you can react to sharp increases and decreases in the prices on the daily basis.

It looks hectic and can be sometimes, but is very rewarding if done with plan and experience, where you could turn your money into BTC much faster.

Turning money into BTC

How Else Can I Get BTC?

Apart from what this blog offered in great detail, there are several other ways on how to get bitcoins:

  • you could mine them (get 25 bitcoins per block);
  • work for someone and get compensated in bitcoin;
  • make your own bitcoin Exchange office – viral or in-store.

Bitcoin Risks: How to Avoid Scam?

There are several ways to protect yourself from scammers and cyber crime involving bitcoins and we’ll walk you through each method to safely purchase bitcoins.

Check Reviews and Ratings

How bitcoin is secure? By checking and reporting various scammers! Since 2009, the bitcoin community grew in a number of users, traders and exchange brokers, but it also grew in people who wish to reap benefits from bitcoin trade unfairly. Some exchange brokers were found to steal bitcoins and money from people, so make sure you visit forums and bitcoin website communities that offer information and history for those websites who have wronged people in the past.

Bitcoin forum

In P2P, check ratings and reviews of the traders before you get into trade process with them. Generally, it is a good idea to also ask someone who worked with them before about their experiences to be sure the opposite side is safe to work with.

Use Escrow

Escrow is a service provided by the broker who holds the bitcoins and funds until the transaction is over with. It is a security measure which ensures that buyer gets bitcoins and seller gets money for bitcoins he sold to a buyer.

Service escrow bitcoins

The bitcoins are transferred from buyer’s wallet to the site’s escrow and are held there until the transaction is complete, from which it transfers to sellers account. It allows a safer environment for bitcoin trades to ensure bitcoin community grows further, unhinged by security compromises.

Careful with Altcoins

It did not take long for other people to join the bitcoin wagon, but it also made some businesses to think of similar products to offer to the market. Altcoins are numerous, and most of them have one thing in common, unfortunately – they don’t last long usually.

Creators might have had a great and innocent idea on creating another cryptocurrency, but so far none have created as great infrastructure as bitcoin has, thus are very risky to invest in.

Cryptocurrency altcoins

Secure Your Bitcoins

Don’t give your bitcoin wallet address to anyone excepts to those exchange brokers and platforms that have been in the game for some time and are deemed as safe. Make sure you keep your bitcoin wallet out of prying hands by storing it in computer or, even better, on USB.

If you want to start trading in new website, dig how long they have been in business, their reviews and did they had experiences with major hacking events that took something from the users in that particular website. Protect your credit card details by using 3D secure and don’t trade with people who don’t or have poor reviews.

BTC Paper Wallets

The BTC paper wallets (very different from BTC wallet online!) are really handy to have when it comes to security and convenience. You can hold bitcoins there unlimited by a number of them; you could generate your own large amounts bitcoin addresses and minimize exposure of your bitcoins from prying hands.

BTC Paper Wallets

You could give it to someone who is not Tech-savvy; you can bitcoins by mail and many other activities through the use of this method of BTC storage.

The only downside of this method is that you could lose remaining balance in the paper wallet if you try to spend or withdraw only a portion of them.

Use Bitcoin USB Wallet

Another way to keep your bitcoin wallet offline is through USB BTC Wallet. It could be created on a computer and then moved to USB that you can carry with yourself to wherever you go. It could be used on multiple computers and is a really good way to protect you from Hacking attempts as the program would exist only in USB.

Hardware USB Wallets BTC Wallet Image Currencies Supported More Info
Ledger Blue <img src = BTC, XRP, ETH, ETC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, ZEC, STRAT €274.80 More Info
Ledger Nano S Ledger Nano S Hardware Bitcoin Hard Wallet BTC, XRP, ETH, ETC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, ZEC, STRAT €69.60 More Info
Trezor Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Hard Wallet BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC $99.00 More Info
KeepKey KeepKey Hardware Bitcoin Hard Wallet BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, NMC $99.00 More Info

You connect the wallet at the times when you wish to trade bitcoins and as soon as the transaction is complete, disconnect it from the exchange and it is offline again, waiting to be used at your leisure next time.

Bitcoins in Different Countries

Get Bitcoin in Canada

How to buy bitcoin in Canada? There are several ways to get BTC Canada Exchanger’s locations that are based in Canada, with one of the most famous being Canadian Bitcoins in Ottawa and Morrex in Quebec. The broker offers various payment methods for purchasing BTC, from Bank Transfer and Bank cards to cash payments (mail or in person) with CAD.

Exchanger Canadian Bitcoins

If you wish for more personal transactions, you can use LocalBitcoins P2P platform to find traders located in the Canadian States. As with all other regions, keep the trade safe and communication flowing to get the most out of the deal.

There are also ATM machines located in few places in Canada, so hop in the ATM map and find the one the nearest one to you through “near me” function.

Order Bitcoin in UK

UK market has made large efforts in accepting and pushing bitcoin to growth across the United Kingdom. Banks are rather reluctant to cooperate with the bitcoins UK exchangers as they view BTC as still a very risky asset to deal with. Thus, many are forced to use SEPA bank transfers, transferring bitcoin amount in 2 to 5 business days after the transaction if you wish your transactions to be carried out in GBP.

BTC exchanger QuickBT

Other than SEPA, there are numerous global BTC exchangers that you could use to purchase bitcoins from like Bitstamp, Coinfloor, CoinCorner, Coinbase, and UK-based QuickBT. P2P marketplaces are Bittylicious, BitBargain, LocalBitcoins, Coinfloor Market and CryptoMate, while you could use ATM map to locate nearest ATM machine near you.

How to Buy BTC in India?

Exchange Countries Deposit Method Quick Take / Beginner-Friendly
Unocoin India Bank Account The largest bitcoin exchange in India.
Zebpay India Bank Account The most popular bitcoin exchange in India. Simple and easy to use bitcoin wallet.
Urdubit Pakistan Bank Account The easiest way to buy bitcoins in Pakistan.
Remitano India, Pakistan, Bangladesh + over 20 countries Cash, Bank Account New P2P bitcoin escrowed service, where you can buy/sell bitcoin locally (similar to LocalBitcoins).

Concerning India, one of the most famous Indian bitcoin platforms is Unocoin, with whom you could get bitcoins by using purchasing methods called NEFT and RTGS (you can visit their website for more information about the terms, requirements, and fees for each program). You would need minimum 1,000 INR ($15) to trade with bitcoins with this broker, while the fees stand between 0.7% and 1%, depending on the volume purchased.

Exchange Unocoin in India

Other exchangers in India are Zebpay and Coinsecure, who both offer low fees and Android and iPhone apps for BTC purchases. Be aware though that Zebpay does not show fees separately, but is rather included in the bitcoin purchase price.

Buying BTC in Australia

Exchange Countries Deposit Method Quick Take / Beginner-Friendly
Coinbase Australia, UK, USA, Singapore Credit Card, Bank Account The best way to buy bitcoin online in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK & Europe. Liquid, low-fee US-based bitcoin exchange in multiple currencies.
BTC Markets Australia Bank Account Popular bitcoin exchange in Australia that offers low fees.
Buyabitcoin Australia Cash Easy-to-use site to buy bitcoins in Australia. Offers quick cash purchases.
Hardblock Australia Bank Account, POLi Australia's fastest way to buy and sell bitcoin.

The most used Australia-based broker is CoinJar, that allows you to purchase bitcoins with AUD at a fee of 1% by using cash payments, bank account transfers, credit/debit card purchases and through their website.

Exchange CoinJar

Another broker coming from Australia is BuyaBitcoin. They offer cash payments at the fee of 4.9% with a bitcoin delivery of an hour. One of the advantages of this broker is the simple verification by mobile phone, with no verification of ID.

Other exchange websites that you can browse and find a match for yourself are Independent Reserve and Coin Loft.

Purchase Bitcoin in China

The fact that you should be aware of if you live in China, is that Chinese Government has limited the International bitcoin trade by a value of 350,000 Yuan (approx. $50,000), which still could be viewed as high enough value to work with bitcoins.

Exchange Countries Deposit Method Quick Take / Beginner-Friendly
BTCC China, USA Credit Card, Bank Account One of the the biggest bitcoin exchanges in China.
OKCoin Worldwide including China, Hong Kong Bank Account One of the largest bitcoin exchanges in China.
Huobi China Credit Card, Bank Account One of the largest bitcoin exchanges in China.
Maicoin Taiwan + 12 More Countries Cash, Bank Account Buy bitcoin in Taiwan with local bank transfer or cash.
Bitoex Taiwan Cash Great to buy bitcoins in Taiwan with cash (over 5,000 locations at convenience stores).
Gemini Hong Kong, Singapore Bank Account, Crypto Fully regulated, licensed bitcoin and ether exchange.
BitKan China WeChat, Alipay Bitcoin marketplace and wallet service located in China. Accepts both WeChat and Alipay.

Apart from international exchangers, there are various bitcoin brokers that trade with BTC from whom you could purchase BTC, the known examples being OKCoin, BTCC, and Huobi.

Exchange BTC in Germany

The BTC exchange in Germany could be done through various domestic and international-based exchange brokers, such as Coinbase, Coinhouse, Coinmama, Indacoin, Kraken, LocalBitcoins,, CoinGate, Spectrocoin, BitPanda and other smaller BTC trading exchangers. All of them propose various ways to get BTC from them, so be sure to check out the P2P market and ATM machines as well to buy bitcoin in Germany.

Bitcoin in Japan

Exchange Countries Deposit Method Quick Take / Beginner-Friendly
bitFlyer Japan Credit Card, Bank Account The most popular bitcoin exchange in Japan.
Coincheck Japan Credit Card, Bank Account, Crypto Polular Japanese bitcoin and ethereum exchange platform.
Quoine Exchange Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillipines Bank Account Popular Japanese bitcoin and ether exchange to multiple currencies (INR, HKD, SGD, IDR, PHP, AUD).

One of the largest marketplaces in the world is located in Japan, called bitFlyer, with who purchase the BTCs via credit card or bank transfers at the very low transactions fees of 0.15%. Has a monthly limit of 250,000 JPY (around $2.200), though the limit could be altogether lifted if the user completes the full verification process.

Exchange bitFlyer in Japan

Other available BTC sources are Coinmama, LocalBitcoins, BTCC, Coincheck (Japanese based) and ATM bitcoin machines.

Where to Get Bitcoins in Saudi Arabia?

Exchange Countries Deposit Method Quick Take / Beginner-Friendly
BitOasis UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. Bank Account The first bitcoin exchange and BTC wallet in Middle East including Dubai. Protects your digital assets using a multi-signature technology.
Indacoin Worldwide including UAE, Saudi Arabia Credit Card The quickest bitcoin purchases with no registration.
Paxful Worldwide including Saudi Arabia, UAE PayPal, Gift Cards Peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace connecting buyers with sellers. Over 150 payment methods.

BitOasis is a place to get bitcoins from Saudi Arabia. Paxful is a P2P market platform where individuals and businesses buy and sell bitcoins with an assistance of various payment methods like bank transfers, gift cards, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and debit/credit cards.

Market platform BitOasis in Saudi Arabia

Paxful also offers affiliate programs for those users who open bitcoin Kiosk through Paxful, and who would then be rewarded with 2% additional earnings on each trade they make through the dais Kiosk.

BTC in Nigeria

Although not of Nigerian origin, a Malaysian exchanger Luno is the most used bitcoin broker in this African country. The investors are based from America, allowing for secure business operations, moderate purchase limitations around 2,000 EUR daily and 30,000 EUR monthly. The transaction fee varies from 1% to 0.5% depending on the volume traded, while the payment method is done through online bank transfer of funds into the website’s account.

Exchange Countries Deposit Method Quick Take / Beginner-Friendly
Nairaex Nigeria Perfect Money, Web Money The biggest Nigerian bitcoin exchange to buy and sell bitcoin, Perfect Money and Web Money with Nigerian Naira at lowest fees.
BitPesa Nigeria, Africa Mobile (BitPesa) Bitcoin startup in Africa that offers to buy bitcoin with a mobile phone as well as remittance service.
Luno Nigeria, Singapore, Indonesia, Republic of South Africa, and Malaysia Bank Account Bitcoin exchange that offers wallet and exchange services in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia (formerly known as BitX).

Buy BTC in Nepal and Malaysia

In Malaysia, the exchanger Luno, where the company is based, offers services of bitcoin transactions with low transaction fee (from 1% to 0.5% depending on the volume purchased) and high limits for purchases (1,000 EUR daily and 62,000 EUR monthly). The website uses the domestic currency as a transaction value.

Exchanger Luno

Buying bitcoins in Nepal is possible through popular Web Exchange broker for bitcoin Harilo and through globally available exchanges such as LocalBitcoins, Coins-E,, and many others.

Making Money with Bitcoins

How to make money with bitcoin and how to earn online? Once you buy bitcoins, there are several things you can do with them to make a profit. The first and obvious choice is profit through the sale of bitcoins you purchased, but at the higher price, you got them in the first place. You seek to find cheap BTC offers and then sell them for the highest possible price, fees included in the equation.

How to get paid in bitcoin? The second choice (or simultaneous if you have enough bitcoins that is) is to lend BTC to businesses or individuals and earn bitcoin or money as a result. The interest rate could be paid either by bitcoins or by a currency through bank transfer making earning bitcoins easy.

BTC Applications

The rise of mobile technologies has pushed exchangers to offer BTC trade through your phone as well! The apps could be downloaded on your phone, and you are ready to trade, them being Android and free iOS apps like Coinbase.

Android App

Most of the exchange websites (Coinbase,, have an available Android app for download that you can install in your Smartphone and start trading with taps on your phone. The trading through this channel is the same as if you have done it on the computer, with info, prices and payment methods all being included in the purchase process.

App Bitcoin wallet for Android

Free iOS App

iOS apps offer a variety of software services connected with bitcoin trading, from e-wallet to programs offered by exchangers that you could reach through your iPhones and other Apple products. You could stash your bitcoins there or you could download the Coinbase app to instantly trade with bitcoins anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

Coinbase iOS Bitcoin wallet App